Planning for life after high school can be stressful. I mean, really stressful. Today’s high school graduates face an increasingly competitive college application pool, less resources in financially-tapped high school systems, and a general exhaustion from schedules full of AP coursework and extra-curricular demands. What should be an exciting next step into adulthood is often a less-than-positive experience.

That is where the Student to Scholar’s program comes in. Our mission is to help students take their college admissions process from just another exhausting item on a to-do list to an interactive and uplifting experience. We do this through a hybrid of counseling activities and approaches, including:

  • Strengths-based assessment sessions (see our “What We Offer” tab for more info on these exciting workshops!), either individual or in small groups
  • An Admissions Essay Boot Camp series
  • Junior Scholars series: Designed for high school juniors who want to avoid the last-minute rush of applications in their senior year
  • Workshops and webinars for parents on the college transition and tools for helping your student become a successful scholar
  • Online webinars on a variety of college-related topics
  • One-on-one advising sessions focused on finding the perfect college fit and creating a dynamic admissions application

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